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Hi. Thanks for clicking over to "my (Stew's) little corner" of this website.

So I was looking through the registries and as I'm sure you can imagine, I was very excited about all the stainless-steel spatulas and cookware. Seriously, I was, as far as you know. But then I got to thinking... "what if we opened a present and it wasn't, oh, let's say... linens?" I got the chills and began to shake (although not in the sense you might think I mean I began to shake - it was more of a shiver, actually). Finally, after dabbing my brow, I was able to regain my composure. So this got me to thinking (see picture below)... "what about a few alternatives to the necessities in the other registries?"

At this point, I remembered a magazine I was looking through on an airplane once. It was a catalog of really cool, odd, and occasionally even useful things! Now, normally I get sick when I read on an airplane but that time I didn't. Go figure.

So I went to their website and lo-and-behold (whatever that actually means), there it all was! Heated towel racks! Mini car refrigerators! Thermo-nuclear powered atomic clocks that project the time onto the moon!

I went through the site and added a bunch of stuff to "my wishlist". When I looked later (see... always proofread!), I realized a few items were around thousand dollars or so. But I couldn't find the "remove from wishlist" button, so I just left it as is. (Actually, I was hoping one of you might accidentally click the wrong button and buy one of them by mistake. Well, ok, not really.)

Anyway, as far as the wedding goes, all of these items are "officially approved" by those who have to officially approve these things. Thanks for looking and click here to see what's out there!! Shhh - it's ok. Really!


(oh, and Melissa)